Chuck Scharenberg

Taking Your BUSINESS to the NEXT LEVEL

Chuck Scharenberg has 20 plus years experience as a business  advisor. He has guided privately-held business owners to  successfully describe, implement, and manage strategy to create practical business results at all levels of their organization. He has helped them to link objectives, initiatives, behaviors, and measures to the business’s vision. He has often begun by helping executives to eliminate both professional and personal obstacles so that they can build a foundation that will support their business strategy long-term. He has done this with a concern for the personal, life-style, and stress implications of becoming a more effective leader with increased potential. He has helped them to “re-calibrate” or get clear on what is important, and to focus on it. He has assisted them to identify which actions will generate growth, and then to create processes, structures, and systems that sustain it.

He has supported more than 400 senior leaders and middle managers, including those in Financial Services; Insurance; Manufacturing; Biotechnology; and healthcare. .He has worked with clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Chuck is a systems thinker who brings an organized approach to business and leadership practices. With knowledge of varying Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools, he offers clients insights and resources for a variety of leadership and business challenges. His clients say that he has extraordinary patience, listening skills, and ability to create a stable, harmonious environment in which they can do their best work.