Debbie Vyskocil

DebbieVyskocil red shirt

Debbie Vyskocil BCN is a TEDx speaker who is sought by leading corporations who understand that employees must have a strong foundation to be engaged, successful and achieve their optimal performance. As President of the CV Performance Institute Debbie trains leaders to increase employee engagement by enhancing collaboration, creativity and individual performance. Her most requested programs include Choking Under Pressure and Will you Stand Out in a Line-up?

Debbie is also the president of Curative Via, a biofeedback and neurofeedback training firm. Influenced by an engineering background she uses a methodical, scientific system for taking control of the body’s response to challenges and pressure. Her programs lead her audience to an understanding of the benefit of a balanced brain and the ability to handle stress in healthier ways.

Passionate to help those battling cancer she regularly is asked to speak to cancer support groups. Debbie understands how sometimes even the smallest changes can make a substantial impact when brought to your attention. “Stress impacts every area of our lives and health. Sometimes people just forget to exhale”. Her programs for The American Cancer Society and multiple cancer centers include Let It Go … Biofeedback for Your Journey  and A Breath for a New Beginning. 

See Debbie’s TEDx talk below: