What’s the #1 key to being a successful speaking pro?

It’s you, being powerful and dynamic on stage.

It's Your message perfectly crafted for impact and clarity.

Windy City Professional Speakers helps you make that happen. 

Tap into the wisdom of Chicago’s highly successful professionals and hone your skills. Learn how leaders in the field craft their speeches and captivate audiences. Our members gain real-time, vital feedback so that their moments at the podium shine and strengthen careers.

Interested in perfecting your speech?

Come visit a WCPS meeting to hear and see our elite speakers firsthand and decide if this is the club for you.

If you are ready for a boost in your speaking career, I strongly recommend you join this club!

“WCPS is where I started my speaking career. This is THE best place for
effective speakers to hone their skills or fine tune current
presentations. The members are very helpful, open and will always give
an honest opinion. The no BS, straight-talk feedback I received got me
to the next level of my speaking career. This club is like no other.”

Jeff Scanlan  //  Windy City Alumni


We are Chicago’s premiere source for honing your presentation skills as a professional or aspiring speaker. Curious to learn more about becoming a member? Find out how to visit a meeting and learn about our membership criteria and process.

Meeting Details

​Learn when and where WCPS meets. Learn how leaders in the field craft their speeches and captivate audiences.

The feedback forum is what regularly keeps me coming back!

“The main reason I love Windy City so much is the clear feedback
and honesty of the group. The speakers genuinely want to help you
get better. Because of that, I have truly improved my

Nancy Depcik,  //  10 Year Member

Speaker Spotlight.

WCPS taps into the wisdom and experience of some of the area’s top speakers. Our members travel nationally and internationally, delivering top-notch keynote material to audiences in every sector. As a member, you not only learn by watching them perfect their speeches, but you also get the exclusive benefit of their suggestions for your time behind the podium.

Mark Steel

In addition to his corporate keynotes, Mark competed in the 2018 Toastmasters International Speech Contest, placing 3rd at the District level.

Allie Pleiter

Productivity expert and bestselling author of over 40 books, Allie shares the nuts and bolts of managing your writing muse by presenting the Chunky Method workshop.

Lynn O'Dowd

Delivered her unforgettable Keynote: Unleash Your Inner Superstar! to the Tri-State Banking Leadership & HR Conference

Join the elite speakers of WCPS to perfect what matters most: your impact as a speaker.