Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen is a Registered Nurse, Hypnotherapist, and founder of Medvesta Hypnosis Healthcare, with over 30 years of experience in Healthcare. He is a renowned speaker and a trusted resource for executives, CEOs, and managers seeking to improve the emotional health of their team members and maintain a positive workplace culture.

Steve's Proven 5-Step Livability Framework is designed to approach and overcome the challenges faced by Healthcare Professionals such as burnout, stress, anxiety, and poor performance. His virtual and in-person presentations on handling workplace stress and anxiety are backed by three decades of working in Healthcare and continuing education, making him a remarkable resource that would benefit your staff, boost productivity, promote happier and healthier existence, and elevate work culture.

Steve is an advocate for patients' well-being, helping Healthcare Professionals manage stress, anxiety, pain, and sorrow without pharmaceuticals. He works with, not against, the medical field to help clients become more proactive with their health while decreasing excess health costs.

A member of the American Hypnosis Association, Steve has earned 10 certifications and his continuing education and research often lead him to better forms of care and treatment, providing access to new and innovative therapy solutions for clients.

Steve Cohen's approach to healthcare is holistic and empowering, giving clients the tools and resources, they need to reclaim and transform their lives. Hire him to speak to your Healthcare group or organization and help your staff take back control of their health in 2023 and beyond.