Windy City Toastmasters Welcomes Professional and Aspiring Speakers

Windy City is THE place in the Chicagoland area for professional speakers to take their skills to the next level.

Toastmasters? Isn’t that the group that just helps beginners learn to get comfortable to speak? Why would professional speakers go to a Toastmasters Club?

Well, we are not your everyday Toastmasters Club! We believe strongly that Toastmasters is a great organization from which nearly everyone can benefit. They have excellent materials to help anyone improve their public speaking skills. What sets us apart is that the participants in Windy City are professional speakers — people who are making a living (or intend to soon) doing keynote speaking, training, or facilitating. Take the excellent infrastructure provided by Toastmasters, add in focused professionals who are committed to improving their speaking skills as well as helping others do the same, and you have Windy City Professional Speakers Toastmasters!

It’s easy to get stuck in speaking patterns that worked well in the past. It’s great to have a safe place to test speech ideas and grow as a presenter.” Stephanie

We have a great meeting planned for our next gathering. Come and see how you could take your presentations to a new level with coaching from other professional speakers and trainers!.

For Organizations or Businesses seeking speakers: Looking for a great speaker for an upcoming event? Interested in knowing more about Windy City members? Check out our Members page!