Debbie Vyskocil

As an international speaker, Debbie Vyskocil leverages her expertise in neuroscience to teach audiences and clients how to reach peak levels of achievement. As founder/president of Optimal Edge Performance, a data-driven, high-performance consultancy, Debbie focuses on productivity and innovation. She delivers an understanding of how neuroscience can enhance performance for leadership and their teams.

Influenced by an engineering background she brings a methodical, scientific perspective. As a speaker, Debbie engages audiences to ensure that they walk away prepared to implement new skills easily. Through experiential exercises and storytelling, she offers audiences multiple solutions to strengthen performance skills, including resilience, collaboration, innovation, focus, discipline and self-compassion.

Originally trained as an electrical engineer and a dedicated neuroscience practitioner, Debbie Vyskocil began working for herself at 19 and opened her first company at 28. Her unique combination of science and emotional acumen led her to work with some of the business world’s highest performers. Debbie shares her expertise as a TEDx speaker and writer for the Naval Institute publication, Proceedings, along with online publishing platforms, Medium and Thrive Global.

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